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Our Mission

Celebrating running through encouragement and support of its members' endeavors, providing a foundation for runners of all abilities through weekly group runs and social gatherings, and giving back to the larger community through volunteer efforts such as trail work, HMBHS scholarship fundraising, and supporting local races.


Our History

The club began in early 2004 by a group of mostly women runners who enjoyed gathering weekly to run the Coastside trails with the goal of staying fit and healthy.  Although that group disbanded towards the end of 2004, local runner and current board member, Ron Little, kept the Saturday runs going, created an email list, put out flyers, and started a website. Eventually more key members joined who served on the board of directors and helped grow and guide the club to what it is today: George Miller, Eric Vaughan, Franz Dill, Margaret Branick-Abillia, Amanda Jurinen, Mor Hirsh, Kristin Lynn, Eric Keller, Omar Droubi, and Paula Leuzzi. Over the years club members have staffed aid stations and organized charity runs. Since 2009, CRC has given over $16,000 to graduating students from Half Moon Bay High School who participated in cross-country and who demonstrated enthusiasm, athletic excellence, academic performance, and leadership.


As we run forward...

We continue to welcome runners of various levels and experience.  From our elite competitive runners to our members very new to running, we share support, ideas, camaraderie, and a deep respect for each other and the Coastside trails we run. We currently organize three group runs a week.


As a part of building our running community, CRC has established relationships with endurance race organizers at Miwok 100K, Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, and Tahoe 200. We will strive to continue to host out-of-this-world, first-class aid stations for each of these events!  We will continue to give back to the running community through local trail work days and our annual high school scholarship cross country award.

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