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Board of Directors

Ron Little

Way back in 2004, I was sedentary and I knew I needed exercise. I heard about a group of five or six people, mostly mothers, who met once a week for a run. They were friendly and helpful and my first 5 mile run with them was slow and I stopped three times and I was sore for about a week. Having the group support was critical to me overcoming those initial weeks of discomfort before I became self-motivated with my running. That group mostly disbanded, but I put out fliers and got an email list and website going, and slowly saw a running community building up around me -- the Coastside Running Club. Fast-forward to 2020 and we have about 150 members, and I've run 31 road marathons (including the Boston Marathon seven times) and about the same number of ultra-marathons (including five 100 milers). Running is definitely a major hobby! But each time I meet a beginning runner, I think back to my first club run and empathize with them. I'm super grateful to be a part of this community and I still feel astonished at how many accomplished runners are in our small club and how much we have done together.

Omar Droubi

Aid station chef skilled in quesadillas, burgers, bacon and warming chicken broth. I often have running dreams where I wear heavy backpacks and crush uphills, but in real life I can be found mostly hiking the steeps. I have been known to provide many runners with excellent motivation since they tend to run faster when they see me coming and can’t believe they haven’t been able to shake me yet. Running has provided my life with balance and fitness, plus I get to eat a lot of carbs so it’s a win all around. While you may catch me on some pavement from time to time I am 90% trail runner because I just can’t enough of the outdoors and our beautiful parks and mountains on the west coast.


This all started with a kind of dare back in 2014 to run a 50K in Cool California.  I went off course, ran an extra 4 miles, but finished. And I kept going, found myself going off course, but always found my way back.  Those times, I spent sorting out life’s challenges.  And now trails and hills are the place to be in tune with oneself.  I don’t get lost that often anymore - along the way I’ve discovered new friends and running companions who’ve helped stay the course.  And the trails and hills are always there waiting for us.

Aid Station Captains

Miwok: Bolinas Ridge:  Franz and Jennifer Dill 

Western States: Auburn Lake Trails: Margaret Branick-Abilla and Jim Abilla

Tahoe 200: Ron Little

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